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SKKY Partners
SKKY Partners, a new kind of private-equity firm focused on investing in and building consumer businesses. View Project

SKKY Partners

Kim Kardashian and Jay Sammons

The Case

Capturing the essence of SKKY Partners in a digital experience

Our team collaborated closely with WØRKS to craft a bespoke website that embodied the spirit of SKKY Partners. Keeping accessibility at the forefront, we ensured that the design not only enchants visually but also accommodated users of all abilities. The elegant motion and seamless transitions throughout the site add a touch of sophistication, reflecting the prestige of the venture.
When Kim Kardashian and Jay Sammons came together to form SKKY Partners, they needed a digital platform that would match their vision of excellence. The challenge was to create a scalable architecture, an accessible user experience, and an elegant motion experience that would truly represent the essence of SKKY Partners.

SKKY Partner's about page
SKKY Partner's about page
Elegant motion and layout design

Merging Motion with Accessibility

In our pursuit of creating an inclusive and user-friendly digital experience for SKKY Partners, we placed a paramount focus on adhering to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our team embraced the WCAG guidelines to ensure that every aspect of the website was accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. We meticulously crafted the design and user interface to guarantee compatibility with screen readers, keyboard navigation, and other assistive technologies, enabling a seamless browsing experience for everyone.

While implementing accessibility measures, we also recognized the importance of adding an element of elegance and interactivity to the website. To achieve this, we strategically incorporated motion and micro interactions that not only enriched the visual appeal but also complemented the overall user experience without interfering with accessibility and usability.


Mobile Smoothness

To simulate an elegant app-like feeling to the mobile website, we implemented the best patterns from both iOS and Web apps. Drag to close menu's, light-and-dark mode and fully functioning animations on both mobile and desktop.
“ combining and experimenting with motion, design and interaction early on in the exploration of the project; we allowed every teammember to thrive and deliver the perfect experience for SKKY Partners and her clients...”
Mees Rutten, Founder @Merlin Studio
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Awards & Recognitions

  • Nominated for Awwwards
  • Nominated for the Lovie Awards
  • Nominated for The FWA