City of Rotterdam x Eurovision
Explore Eurovision like never before with a virtual city - bringing the global music celebration to your fingertips.

Eurovision Village

The Case

A groundbreaking virtual experience; the first of its kind in the Eurovision Song Contest history.

The Eurovision Song Contest is the world’s longest-running, international music competition. Since its inaugural event in 1956, 52 countries have participated at least once, creating a fan base that stretches across the globe. Today, over 180 million people tune in to watch the televised competition, with over 20,000 attendees travelling to the host country to enjoy the contest in person
Usually, The Eurovision Village sits at the heart of the physical experience of the contest; it’s a place where fans can meet up to enjoy the music, socialise and embrace the positive vibes. With the pandemic preventing mass gatherings, for the 2021 contest, Rotterdam Festivals reached out to recreate the physical atmosphere of The Eurovision Village in a virtual world.

Designing a 3d world

The 3D world encapsulates Rotterdam’s cityscape with modern architecture, cube houses and landmarks. The map features some of Rotterdam’s most impressive sites, including the Erasmus Bridge, the Euromast and Markthal. People from all over the world can virtually explore these iconic buildings, meet local heroes, learn interesting facts and feel the atmosphere of the city.

Eurovision Village
Eurovision Village
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Max Kunkels, QA Engineer @ SpriteCloud
Markthallen in Eurovision Village

awards & recognitions

  • Lovie Awards - Best virtual audience integration
  • Lovie Awards - Experimental & Innovation
  • Awwwards - Honors
  • Anthem Awards - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


  • millions of hits
  • worldwide launch
  • full website under 16mb